Waist Reduction Disguise Rating  Comfort Rating
The Waist Reduction rating is the maximum waist reduction achievable of the corset. Just because a corset is rated to a 4" or 5" waist reduction doesn't mean you have to wear them that tightly, you have the choice between comfort & control The Disguise Rating is how invisible a corset is underneath clothing, relative to the other designs available in our collections The Comfort Rating is how comfortable your corset will be. Some fabrics are less suited to longer periods of wear and more theatrical designs can become heavy if wearing all day
0" Waist Reduction - Garments Designed for aesthetics only, lingerie weight pieces 0-4 Disguise Rating - Garments designed as outerwear, these corsets will be embellished with design features which will obviously interrupt the silhouette if worn underneath clothing 0-5 Comfort Rating - We do not sell anything that is uncomfortable, if you corset is uncomfortable you may have a pattern which isn't suitable for your body shape, or you may be wearing the garment incorrectly
1-2" Waist Reduction - Respectable waist reduction, often Fashion Tops & Latex/Compression wear, body smoothing garments for a more toned silhouette, not suitable for tight lacing 5-6 Disguise Rating - Garments which ideally will be used for outerwear. Lighter weight corsets & sleek designs often with sleeves, not impossible to disguise under clothing but additional design features can make it trickier than need be 6 Comfort Rating - Comfortable for shorter periods of time, likely to be latex or another non-breathable fabric which you can leave you clammy after sustained wear
3-4" Waist Reduction - Traditional Corset designed for serious waist reduction - Improved posture & superior bust support, comfortable alternative to a bra 7-8 Disguise Rating - Designed to be worn under looser clothing, these corsets may be Overbust patterns, have cord lacing or include hip panels 7-8 Comfort Rating - Underbust patterns in Man-made fibres or overbust patterns in more breathable fabrics. Suitable for all day wear but if comfort is your priority there are more comfortable options available. Less advanced patterns which do not have hip gores/panels incorporated may feature
5" Waist Reduction - Ultimate waist reduction, recommended for tight lacing & regular corset wearers 9 Disguise Rating - Often functional underbust designs, or sleek/classic corsets with flat ribbon lacing 9 Comfort Rating - Primarily Cotton Underbust corsets, these designs are breathable and less hot/heavy than their Overbust counterparts
10 Disguise Rating - Compression & Shapewear designs, concealed hook & eye closure, no lacing/cord, as invisible as you can get 10 Comfort Rating - Corsets don't come more comfortable than this
Not Interested in Waist Reduction? This rating will give you an idea of the weight of the corsets in our collections, from lingerie to expert level corsetry, as well as the support they offer All Corsets & foundation garments will be difficult to completely disguise underneath body con and very tight fitting sheer garments, Dresses with scooped backs can also be problematic when pairing with Overbust designs Naturally you will find that your corset will be less comfortable the tighter you lace it, corsetry is about finding the balance between comfort & control that best suits your needs