How to Choose the Perfect Corset for Your Wedding Day

How to Choose the Perfect Corset for Your Wedding Day

There are a number of ways in which corsets can be used for your wedding day, read on to find out how to choose your perfect corset for your wedding day…

For many years, corsets have been worn by brides all over the world. While wedding dresses can cost you a fair chunk of your budget, they don’t always provide the results that we want in terms of creating that perfect hourglass silhouette. A corset could be the answer.

There are a number of problems that wearing a corset for your wedding can solve, you just have to know how a corset can be the solution to the problem, and what kind of corset to choose to get the best results…

How Corsets can Help Create the Results you Desire…

It’s well known that many brides-to-be try to shape up or drop a dress size before their big day. Though some may want to show off their curves in all of their glory, generally speaking, many women embark on a journey to ensure they look and feel their absolute best for their wedding day.

While this might sound relatively straight forward, our hectic schedules can make achieving these goals really tricky. With many of us juggling all sorts of roles and responsibilities everyday, it’s easy for the months to slip by and discover you’re just six weeks away from the wedding with your goals looking less and less achievable.

This is where corsets come in - working to reduce your waist by 2-3 inches and provide all the support you need, to ensure you feel happy and confident on your big day. There are a number of problems that wearing a corset for your wedding day can solve:

1. You are wearing an heirloom dress: Being able to wear a family dress that’s special to you is a truly wonderful thing and already ticks off your ‘something old’ requirement. However, we are all different shapes and sizes, making the likelihood that your heirloom dress fits perfectly fairly small. If the dress is too big, you can always have it taken in, but what do you do if the dress is too small? A corset could be the answer, providing you with a waist reduction so that your heirloom dress fits like a glove.

2. You ordered your dress some time ago: Weddings take a lot of time and energy to plan, and so in some cases several years can pass between buying your dress and your actual wedding day. If you find your dress is a little on the snug size, a corset could ensure it fits perfectly for your big day.

3. Your dress doesn’t provide enough support: While many dressmakers can provide support within your dress, it’s often not enough to avoid wearing a bra or a pair of control pants. A corset could provide super subtle support, not to mention the fact that it will also reduce your waist size too.

How to Choose a Corset for your Wedding Day…

Now that you understand how a corset could help you achieve the look you desire for your big day, it’s time to look at what kind of corset you should choose.

First thing’s first, comfort is key on your wedding day. While it might be possible to achieve up to a 5 inch waist reduction, we advise opting for a 2-3 inch reduction to ensure you are comfortable and will enjoy your day.

Next, it’s important to consider how your corset will look under your dress. Just like you would want to ensure you couldn’t see any straps or fabric of a bra peeping out the top of your dress, you’re likely to want to make sure your corset is completely concealed, allowing your dress to take centre stage.

Traditional corsets are difficult to disguise under sheer or silky fabrics and also feature high backs, whereas wedding dresses often have low backs. As most popular wedding dress styles use embroidered fabrics and net overlays, the fabric is less of a concern, but the high back of a traditional corset is a problem.

The bust support that corsets offer typically comes from it’s high back. To get the same support from a bra, the corset can be tensioned across the back. While we have previously looked into creating a bridal range with a scooped back, this wouldn’t provide the support that most brides need on their big day. The solution to this issue is to wear an underbust corset paired with a strapless bra. This will provide brilliant results, and you’ll be amazed at how well your corset is concealed and what a difference a corset makes to the fit of your dress, and the size of your waist. An underbust corset will give you the bust support that you need, while also reducing your waist, all the while not giving anything away at all, even in a low backed wedding dress.

An underbust corset is a great solution to all of the above problems. Whether you’re wearing an heirloom dress, you bought your dress a few years earlier and it no longer fits, or if your dress doesn’t have enough built in support, a corset for your wedding will solve all of these issues, as well as providing added benefits too.

If you have any additional questions about wearing a corset for your wedding day, and finding your ideal size and style, don’t hesitate to get in touch: